Peace, Joy & Booze

Being located in the heart of the Distillery District inspired this year’s client holiday gift. We ordered a batch of sake from one of the neighbourhood brewers, and while the sake was preparing, we hand crafted everything else. The bottle labels were custom designed. The bottles themselves were wrapped in cheekily captioned/illustrated tissue paper, then neatly placed inside a screen-printed box. The final package represented everything we love about the holidays: Peace, joy and booze.

The ‘Quality Time In-A-Box’ box

To promote the values-driven ideology of Corktown Seed Co., and to rekindle the social graces of yesteryear, the ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Quality Time-In-A-Box’ box was born. Created as a holiday gift for our valued clients, the ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Quality Time In-A-Box’ is engineered to unzombify gadget addicted friends and family. Just collect their gizmos, gadgets and doohickeys, put them in the box, and create offline, tweet-free, and hashtag-less memories.

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